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Simone Lemieux

When Simone Lemieux arrived at Duke Integrative Medicine in September 2010, she was exhausted, burned out and struggling to lose weight. She knew she needed help, but did not know where to start. She did not anticipate how life changing her experience would be.

Two of the biggest differences she found at Duke IM were the hour-long appointments and the in-depth history forms she was asked to complete. “When my acupuncturist, Janet, greeted me and escorted me into her treatment room,” Simone notes, “she had read every response and knew my history.” At the appointment, Janet emphasized the importance of acupuncture as part of an overall program that included other health care professionals at Duke IM.

Simone worked with an assortment of providers: an integrative physician with a special interest in pain management, a massage therapist and instructors in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Among the health care team there was consensus that reducing pain and improving her comfort were key to moving her toward suitable exercise with confidence. As she became stronger, she increased her activity and her fun.

By September 2011, she was energized and ready to work. She had lost 40 pounds and was swimming regularly. Simone was ready with new knowledge about how to take care of herself and her family; she had tools to manage her health well into the future.

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