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Meet the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Team!  These leading professionals in the world of Integrative Health Coaching lend their skills and expertise to help you on your journey towards becoming an Integrative Health Coach.

  • Dina Lumia, MA
    Dina Lumia, IHCPT Program Manager (Image)
  • Tricia Karpfen, MAc, ACC
  • Amy Hoogervorst, NBC-HWC
    Amy Hoogevorst Image
  • Andrea Carew, BSc, MMS, NBC-HWC
    Andrea Carew Image
  • Heather H. Hale, NBC-HWC
    Heather H. Hale Image
  • Leigh Ann Hoffman, NBC-HWC
    Leigh Ann Hoffman Image
  • Sarah Ball, CFMP
    Sarah Ball Image
  • Aili Kuutan, NBC-HWC
  • Deborah Lee, PhD, RN
  • Katherine K. Mackintosh, BS, MEd
  • Kim Brame McGimsey
  • Andrea Shaw, PhD, MCC
  • Jim Tillman, D.Min.
    Jim Tillman
  • Susan Whitman, PA-C
  • Whitney Wilkerson, NBC-HWC
    Whitney Wilkerson IHCPT Instructor Image
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