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Integrative Medicine Consultations For Adults

Necia G.
Necia G.

"After visiting a number of doctors, I finally found one at Duke Integrative Medicine who listened and addressed my needs."

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What is an Integrative Medicine Consultation?

An Integrative Medicine consultation is a visit with one of our Integrative Medicine specialty physicians on a particular health issue of concern. During your consultation visit, one of our physicians will look at whole-person strategies that address the underlying factors that influence your health, rather than just treating the symptoms of a health condition. The consultation consists of an intensive review of your past medical history, current medical issues and your desired health goals. This focused visit enables our doctors to give recommendations and assist you in choosing the best plan of care, including complementary approaches when applicable, with the goal of optimizing your vitality.

When would it be beneficial to see a Duke Integrative Medicine Consult Physician?

If you have a complex medical situation, are seeking more time and an integrative approach, or want to further investigate root cause of your health condition, consider scheduling a visit with one of our physicians for a consultation.

What type of health conditions can an Integrative Medicine Consultation help me with?

A few of the many conditions that an Integrative Medicine Consultation can help with are the following:

Back pain
Heart disease
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Irritable bowel syndrome
Multiple sclerosis

If you have a question about whether an Integrative Medicine consultation is right for you please give us a call at 919-660-6826.

Information about cost and scheduling

Duke Integrative Medicine accepts most major insurance carriers. Please contact Guest Services if you have any additional questions. To make an appointment or find out more information about the services we offer, please call Guest Services at 919-660- 6826 or visit Duke Integrative Medicine


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