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Melissa Britt Forsgren

Corporate Director, Benefits, Health & Wellbeing at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

New York, New York

As Corporate Director, Health and Wellbeing at NewYork-Presbyterian, Melissa Britt Forsgren developed the strategy for NYPBeHealthy, the newly developed employee health and wellbeing program.

NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP) is one of the nation’s most comprehensive academic health care delivery systems, collaborating with two renowned medical schools — Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. There are four major divisions: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (six locations); NewYork-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network (three locations); NewYork-Presbyterian Physician Services and NewYork-Presbyterian Community and Population Health, which encompasses ambulatory care network sites and community health care initiatives.  One of the largest health care providers in the U.S., each year, nearly 29,000 NewYork-Presbyterian professionals deliver exceptional care to more than 2 million patients.

In 2016, after NYP’s acquisition of a few regional hospitals and around 12,000 employees, Melissa Britt is now looking to include all newly integrated NYP sites into the current wellness program and ensure that the program, already in place at some hospitals and clinics, is consistent across venues.

“Integral to our mission is a commitment to helping our employees improve and maintain their health and overall wellbeing,” explains Melissa Britt.  “We are engaging our employees in their own wellbeing and supporting them in achieving their individual health goals.  The underlying idea is to create a culture of caring, health, and wellbeing in our workplace.”

To reenergize the employee initiative, Melissa Britt facilitated the Health and Wellbeing Steering and Operations Committees to assist her with the rollout.  These committees included representation from HR, benefits, facilities, marketing, managed care, legal, communications and operations as well as the COO and the Chief Experience Officer.

Components of the NYPBeHealthy Initiative consist of educational resources, healthy meals in the employee cafeteria, stress reduction programs, wellbeing coaching, personalized health planning and a personal tracking system.  All employees completing the health risk assessment and biometric screening this year receive a complimentary Fitbit.  The roll-out of the NYPBeHealthy initiative will proceed through 2017.

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