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Webinar: International perspective on establishing integrative health

Tuesday, August 14
In a pre-recorded webinar, Efrat Suraqui, alumna of the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University and physical medicine rehabilitation resident physician at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel, shares her international experience of overcoming challenges of establishing a new model of care within a health system in Israel and what others can learn as they look to disrupt the current system of care.

Informed Mindfulness Fosters Clarity and Results in Leadership

New white paper: Self-awareness combined with education leads to more effective decisions

Informed mindfulness, connecting self-awareness and self-regulation with educated, conscious decision-making, is a powerful tool that can help leaders interrupt negative cycles and create the kind of clarity that leads to positive outcomes and inspires others to follow, according to a white paper from the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University.

Informed Mindfulness: The Power of Awareness and Choice in Effective Leadership takes leaders through a process of identifying how “inflection points” — those times when awareness of emotions and past experiences influence decisions — can act as a guide toward more constructive actions and behaviors. Cultivating mindfulness leads to clarity and informed decisions and the best possible outcomes.

Download and read a free copy of the white paper here


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Convince Your Leadership Toolkit

Creating a culture of health and wellbeing in any organization requires more than clinical or administrative skills – it requires a leader who is grounded in an Integrative Health approach and can inspire change across an organization.

If you are interested in taking the next steps to become a transformative leader, but need help persuading your leadership team about the value and need for your participation in the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University, we’ve created downloadable materials that you can use to make your request.

Give your supervisor a better idea of what is required, the benefit to your organization, and the anticipated outcomes by pulling from our template letter and PowerPoint slides. Each includes key information about the program.

Should you need additional information on what our graduates are doing now, curriculum examples, or other materials to support your request, feel free to contact the Leadership Program Manager, Damian Gallina at





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