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Philosophy Behind The Leadership Program

Informed Mindfulness

We believe that good leadership begins from within and is based on:

  • The continued deepening of mindful awareness
  • The development of values, especially integrity, authenticity, compassion, courage, empathy, humility, and passion
  • A commitment to increasing knowledge, skills, and wisdom in self and others

This concept, which we call “Informed Mindfulness,” connects mindful self-awareness and self-regulation with educated decision-making. The mindful leader is aware, non-judgmentally, of what is occurring in the present moment and understands that his or her response is a choice. With informed mindfulness, as situations arise and decision points are faced, that same person is able to see the situation clearly and place what is happening in its larger context and, having well-defined values and being sufficiently educated, make an informed choice within that moment.

Additionally, a good integrative leader also understands and fully resonates with the principles of Integrative Healthcare and is committed to the transformation of our healthcare system.

Cultural Transformation

cultural transformation

The process of cultural transformation also begins from within each individual leader.

Mindfully-informed leaders understand that their speech and actions create waves that ripple out from self to others and that every success is dependent upon nurturing insightful, functional relationships with others who are willing to support the vision and champion the larger transformation of healthcare.

Through relationship building, the Integrative Leader cultivates and unifies mindful teams. In turn, these teams develop their own relationships with others, and as they create effective group dynamics whenever and wherever they interact, they expand the depth of the evolution throughout the organization.  As more individuals embrace the vision through the demonstration of value and the creation of win-win alliances, a feeling of ownership for the evolution permeates its culture.

Such cultural evolution leads, inevitably, to a sustained transformation.

Informed Mindfulness: The Power of Awareness and Choice in Effective Leadership


Informed Mindfulness The Power of Awareness and Choice in Effective Leadership

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The Leadership Program’s philosophy is based on the idea that good leadership begins from within

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