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Aili Kuutan, NBC-HWC

Instructor, Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program

Aili is a change expert with over a decade of experience helping people rise to their potential. She is a coach, yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, workshop facilitator, and an instructor for the Duke Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program.

As a coach, Aili partners with clients to help them become the person they’ve always wanted to be.  She is the creator of programs that help people live with greater intention and fulfillment, resolve issues related to self-image, identity, and lifestyle, and experience deeper levels of confidence and inner peace.

Aili started her career in the corporate world as a management consultant, where she worked with clients on business transformation programs. In 2011, she shifted her focus to support her clients in personal transformation.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, University of Toronto, 2003
  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach, Duke Integrative Medicine
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra)
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