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Michelle Moshkowitz, CMA III

Michelle has been part of the Nursing Team at Duke Integrative Medicine for the past three and a half years and a total of 11 years at Duke Health.

Michelle is a CMA III. Michelle is a big fan of integrative medicine as she has experienced it in her daily life. In her role at Duke Integrative, Michelle supports the primary care providers in the integrative primary care clinic by performing patient assessments such as obtaining their medical and medication history, allergy information, doing physical exams, and checking vital signs.

Michelle is not only part of the nursing team at Duke Integrative but also a participant in several public programs and trainings. She has completed several courses, such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Reiki Level I, and Reiki Level II.

Michelle is an active member of the Duke Health & Well-Being culture committee and enjoys organizing team events when possible. Finally, being passionate about integrative medicine and Duke Health, she often volunteers in the community and has represented Duke Integrative Medicine in several events.

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